Teaching, Learning and Research are considered three of the basic pillars of SRET. Even as a new entity, SRET has started a PhD program in Engineering and Engineering Systems from the very beginning of its existence. SRET Faculty and students are encouraged and supported to carry out the following:

Undergraduate Applied Research:
  • Utilize the foundations of science and the technical skills to explore new areas of application and build innovative products and systems
  • To partner with industry and develop solutions to problems, and product and systems useful to the public
  • To partner with international institutions and explore areas of interdisciplinary research
  • To move product ideas to products and service to the public
Post Graduate and Doctoral Research:
  • SRET’s post graduate and doctoral research are interdisciplinary in nature. The areas of current study are in the intersection of computers, medicine and engineering.
  • Some of the problems being studied include:
    • AI Applications in Medical and Health Systems
    • Data Analysis
    • Cyber security
    • Medical devices, systems and operations
    • Robotics
    • Internet of Things
    • Engineering systems
    • Industrial and Systems Engineering Applications in Healthcare
    • Internet studies
    • Social aspects of technology and technology applications
  • SRET offers opportunities for the following to undertake full-time as well as part-time research leading to PhD degrees:
    • Recent graduates with Masters degrees
    • Working professionals in industry
    • Faculty members involved in teaching science, engineering, technology, and management